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5 Tips for Preparing Your House for Rent

Clean Inside

When we say clean we mean clean EVERYTHING. From skirting boards to walls, ovens and air conditioning vents. You want to present the property as best you possibly can and handover to the tenant in the best possible condition.


Ensure all compliance items are met in the property. See below compliance fact sheets for rental properties in WA.

Clean Outside

Not only do you want to have the gardens looking great to attract a tenant, it also sets a tone for the tenancy that the gardens must be maintained.

Risk Management

One of the biggest factors in Property Management is avoiding risk. This not only means risk for the tenants health and safety but risk of any miscommunication between the tenants and landlord. Go through the property with a fine tooth comb. If something could be potentially dangerous, fix it.


Before a tenant moves in make sure any major repairs are finished. This allows for a much smoother transition in the first few weeks of the tenancy.